The Proposing

“When he proposed to me, the usually way was just like asking me have you eaten yet.” the bride -to-be said.

As the bride-to-be smiled and talked to her, HWA-YOUNG wedding planner Lulu could hear a tinge of sadness. After a long talk, Lulu learned that the couple were both Chinese Culture University graduates, and in their school days, they frequented a beef noodles stall near the campus. The free broth top-ups saw them through many a tough time, but also created lasting memories of love. "This reception has to be a perfectly happy occasion!" With this mission in mind, the bride-to-be took Lulu to the PCCU campus, and even took her to get a bowl of those piping-hot beef noodles. On the wedding day, as the bride was changing out of her wedding dress for the reception, Lulu had the head chef at HWA-YOUNG carefully heat up that bowl, and when the bride came out to see her new husband holding that bowl of beef noodles, she began welling up. Together, the couple stood on the red carpet and shared a bowl of noodles that represented both their past together and their new shared future.