Meets Hong Kong

A Hong Konger who has worked in Taiwan for nearly a decade shared with us his memories of their "first time."

At HWA-YOUNG's elegant Hong Kong-style yum cha restaurant, the trolleys of steamed delights almost outnumbered the diners, the crowded scene reminding him of the old days in Hong Kong. As it turns out, in today's Hong Kong, this traditional style of yum cha is on the wane. "Want some chicken feet?" "How about some shrimp dumplings?" "What about a basket of siumai?" Every three minutes a trolley would come to check up, and the Hong Konger ordered dish after dish, from BBQ pork buns to rice noodle rolls, turnip cakes to egg custard buns. Everything was perfect, and the Hong Konger had nothing but praise, topping off the array of food and drinks, including some of the chef's specialties, with a mango pomelo sago, the cherry on top of the yum cha sundae. Who would have thought that you could find the most authentic, traditional Hong Kong dining experience in Taipei City?